BiWeekly Update Summary – Fixes and Improvements

BiWeekly Update Summary – Fixes and Improvements

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Huawei: improved connection stability for procedures which require server side authentication
  • Huawei: factory fastboots are ordered by their success rate, and the most likely working ones are flagged
  • Qualcomm: more straightforward instructions for changing to EDL mode
  • Qualcomm: improved information reporting from Qualcomm procedures, for better loader suggestions
  • Qualcomm: brand selector dialog opens up only if we cannot determine the phone’s manufacturer (during procedure execution on Qualcomm phones)
  • Motorola: new Info procedure for fastboot mode
  • Motorola: new Brick Repair procedure (available in EDL mode) to fix boot loops or other critical issues
  • Motorola: added detailed logging during Update Firmware procedure
  • Motorola: fixed a bug that could occur during Update Firmware procedure
  • Core: refactored database handling for local database –> less error prone and faster
  • Core: additional information can be shown to the user in case of application crash
  • Core: links in notifications can be opened

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