MFC Suite 3 in1 V3.4 Beta 1 Released

MFC Suite 3 in1 V3.4 Beta 1 Released

MFC Suite 3 in1 V3.4 Beta 1 Released

Updated functions:

  • Updated flashing for newer iPhones up to iPhone 12 models and Watch S5 (including for latest iOS version);
  • Usb drivers are automatically selected based on required operation (changed for example to be able to flash the device after performing a Load Diag); because of this requirement software has to be able to run in Administrator mode in windows to be able to install on the fly new USB drivers;
  • Updated iPR for newest iOS versions;
  • Reorganized the software structure. Now all the MFC Dongle functions are inside the MFC tab.

New functions:

  • Added iMFC only accounts (login with username and password for Flash and Load diag functions).
  • Added new settings area
  • In Settings area (Settings tab) you can edit the username and password for iMFC/MFC
  • Main Server and Backup servers can be selected in case Main Server is offline (after selecting a new server Switch Servers & Restart is required)
  • Login is now separated by login type for iMFC. Logging in using MFC dongle to access all functions must be done in the MFC dongle screen (Login button will display MFC Login and so on). Loggin in with iMFC account (username & password only) can be done in iMFC screen.
  • iMFC tab will display log messages until the client logins to the MFC server.

Added Load Diag function for iPhone 7, up to iPhone X

  • Required usb drivers are automatically selected;
  • Can be used with normal USB cable or with a DCSD cable (don’t forget to check if you are using a DCSD cable);
  • If Load Diag fails you need to reset the phone and put it back in DFU mode for each retry;
  • If Load Diag is successfull then a new Com Port will appear on your computer. Sometimes this will require to install USB Serial driver in Control Panel by pressing Update drivers for Apple Mobile Device (VID 05AC PID 1222) phone will be display in WTF DFU state in History screen;
  • Bootchain.diag files must be present in Resources directory in order for Load Diag to function correctly;
  • If com port is available in Control Panel but not displayed in software you can go to History and press Refresh button;

Previous bugs solved:

  • Updated the log display functions that should be faster and more stable now;
  • Improved device detection with different usb drivers in iMFC history;
  • Removed unnecessary error or timeout messages while Upgrading/Restoring flash;


  • Updated server to support iMFC only login and other login types;
  • Updated server to support Load Diag functions;
  • Updated server to recognize and support latest device models;
  • Added backup server option;


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