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Mlc-500 High Precision Auto Ranging Lc Meter Professional Capacitance Inductance Table 500 Khz Capacitance Meter Multimeter

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 Features: 1.Fully auto-ranging designed, drive up to 500 KHz. 2.High resolution, up to 5 digit display, most finest resolution: 0.01pF, 0.001uH. 3.High stability and measurement range for L/C. 4.Large LCD display with backlight, easy to read. 5.USB PC program, can take record and pass and fail component sorting function. 6.Capacitor discharge terminal and capacitor storage voltage display. Descriptions: 1.This MLC500 LC meter is auto-ranging component tester, can drive up to 500 KHz, suitable for small value capacitor and inductor measurement. It provides very stable and high resolution measurement up to 5 digits.   Specifications: Model: MLC500 Material: Plastic Color: Black LCR Testing Parameter: Main Parameter: LC Testing Frequency: C: 10 to 500Khz, L: 10 to 360Khz Testing Method: Auto Select LC and RC Oscillation Calibration: Power on Auto Calibrate with Internal Reference Capacitor Testing Voltage: ~1.5Vrms Best Tolerance: L: 1% + 1 Digit, C: 1% + 1 Digit LCD Update or Testing Time (vary on component value): <3/s, (e.g.100mF Capacitor < 30s) Range Selection: Automatically Zeroing: Open / Short Circuit Terminal: Mini- USB (Virtual Com Port) Display Range: C–0.00pF ~ 100.000mF(pF/nF/uF/mF)           L–0.000uH ~ 100.000H(uH/mH/H)           Hz (LC Oscillation Frequency)–0 ~ 900000Hz           (s) (RC Constant Time)–0.000 ~ 99.999 LCD Display: 128×64 Dot Matrix, with Backlight Number of Testing Terminal: Main 3, Secondary 2 Battery: 2 * AA 1.5V Battery (not included) Reading Display: Max. 99999 Item Size: Approx 14.5x8x3cm/5.7×3.1×1.2in Item Weight: 151.2/5.3oz Package Informations: Package Size: 170x100x50mm/6.63×3.9×1.95in  Package Weight: 410g/14.35oz  General Box Package   Package Included: 1 x Capacitance Meter 1 x USB Cable 2 x Probes 1 x Manual Notice: 1.Discharge capacitor before testing. 2.Please don’t connect under testing device during power on, it will affect the initialization.